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Whether you’re taking your business to a new level or dealing with unexpected or overwhelming challenges, I partner with you in creating a vision for your ideal future and taking aligned action to reach your goals during a short term (3-6 months) or longer-term (12 months+) private coaching experience.

I’m your idea accelerator, your expert listener, your collaborative facilitator, your visionary strategist, and your partner in taking your life and business to the next level.

Transform the Way You Lead & Work.

You’re a successful business owner or high-level leader and you know your stuff.  In fact, you’re known as one of the best in your business.

However, you also have a feeling that there is even more waiting for you: bigger ideas, dreams and goals that require you to bust through old ways of working and take a big leap.

You also crave direct, crystal clear coaching and action steps so you aren’t “winging it” anymore or wasting your time. 

We all have the power to overcome obstacles and realize our seemingly unobtainable vision and dreams. To achieve optimal personal and professional goals, finding a trusted confidante to guide the process is the first step.


“I hired Sandy because I knew she was brilliant, ambitious, a big-thinker, and abundantly sharing and caring.

She over delivered on all of these and was a huge asset to me as I launched my own coaching and consulting business.

I have now hit the ground running and much of this is due to Sandy’s energy and belief. Sandy is one of those women and mentors whose brain I would just like to climb right into.

Her brilliance inspires and I will forever ask myself, “What would Sandy do?”


Business Owner

” I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU! 

When you first approached me with this idea; as you know I was a bit apprehensive. I would say that based on the return on investment of this process, it has been extremely valuable.

Thank you for believing in my ability to learn and connect.  Thank you for challenging me to grow and do better. Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but it is with everything I have learned to this point to say it and mean it from the bottom of my heart.”


Business Owner

“Sandy is an amazing business and leadership advisor. Her story is inspirational, and she has the experience and substance to help any leader grow their business and reach their full potential.

She also spikes in the skills of strategies to turn a business around for significantly improved performance, and in pricing and negotiation skills.

She is great at having clients look at their issues in new ways; break down limitations; and come up with insights that move them, their teams, and their organizations forward powerfully.”


Business Owner

Are you or your business at a turning point?

As an intuitive strategist and executive coach, I bring my decades of business ownership and leadership experience to partner with you to:


Discover your unique heart-based leadership strategies


Uncover mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck


Career and business transitions


Stress management, wellness initiatives


Key leader transitions, new promotions & success in new positions


Sustainability & developing environmental, social & governance (ESG) platforms


Create a new dimension business – move from old models to new paradigms


Business turnaround planning and execution


Staff alignment, wellness, clarity & support


Wellness Elevation: A new path to flourish in health, mindset and higher dimensions of intuition


Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Training

Imagine the freedom of a career and life built on what matters most.

Personalized 1:1 coaching with me is perfect for you if:


You're experiencing a career, business, or life transition.


You have a sense that your work could have more meaning and purpose but aren't sure how.


You're looking for career and life strategies that align with your true desires (and maybe need help discovering what your desires might be!)


Your intuition tells you that something is off...but you just can't quite figure out what needs to shift in order to grow your income AND have the freedom you crave.


You're a team leader or business owner who knows that the highest level leaders need a guide to help pull out your greatest ideas and focus your actions.

The only missing link is that one idea, that one thought, and that one person to ignite the spark inside that will give you the courage to take action toward building the life and legacy you’ve dreamed of.

“Success happens when you align your strategies to your intuition, heart, and brave goals.”

-Sandy Hansen-Wolff



Ready to level up your small business game?
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