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  • Intuitive Strategy for enhanced business success and profits
  • Turnaround management & leadership in times of chaos
  • Career transitions – internal promotions & shifting career focus – the urge for something more is upon many leaders – they can feel it and don’t know how to identify or get clarity
  • Impactful leadership
  • Confidence & Swagger – Is your professional presence affecting your success?
  • New business paradigms – built for success & freedom in elevated dimensions
  • Rediscovering Joy – from burnout, overwhelm & exhaustion to rediscovering the life keys for our passion areas
  • Building & growing a heart and soul-based successful business – aligning higher dimensions, energy & forces to create a career we love
  • Profits Elevation – making more, working less and having the life of your dreams
  • The Future of Business: Building a business with Aquarian Principles

Official Bio


Sandy Hansen-Wolff has spent her entire career as a business leader and entrepreneur. Sandy started her speaking, coaching, and consulting business over a decade ago.  In this role, she works across industries to partner with leaders and business owners to create and execute high-level strategy and aligned actions. She was thrust into entrepreneurship when widowed at a young age.  Although always an entrepreneur at heart, Sandy assumed ownership of her late husband’s company in 2003 upon his death and began sharing her story of crisis leadership and overcoming tragedy.  She has worked for nearly two decades in agribusiness ownership of AgVenture Feed & Seed Inc. and successfully transitioned her company to new ownership in December of 2020. 

Sandy now spends her time helping other companies scale through her leadership coaching, speaking, and consulting business. She is a certified executive coach to many brilliant business leaders and facilitates monthly mastermind peer groups of business leaders. Sandy speaks to groups large and small on topics of pricing, negotiation, business success/scaling strategies, employee engagement, launching new ventures as well as personal strategies for aligning heart-based leadership to profits. She also serves on boards, is a volunteer wish granter for MakeAWish as well as many other community initiatives. As a serial entrepreneur, Sandy launched New Heritage Feed Co. in 2018 –an e-commerce and distributed specialty feed company focusing on the inclusion of premium essential oils and various nutrient enhanced additives for animal food. This company is run by key leaders so that she can maintain her focus on coaching and consulting work. 

Sandy and her husband Terry live in the Richmond, MN area on the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes with their cat Lily. She is a stepmom to her two grown twin daughters Holly & Hannah. She is most passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and leaders elevate their success to reach profits and scale in a quicker fashion than she experienced learning on her own.

Video & Podcast Interviews

Intentional Greatness
with Sue Hawks

Women in Business:
Transforming Grief into Triumph

City Girl Empower Hour

 Alyza speaks with Sandy Hansen-Wolff about her journey in the Agribusiness industry, business coaching, pivoting, and learning how to get unstuck and ask for help! 

Green Tea Conversations

Sharing My Story

Pivoting Against All Odds

Club E was joined by Sandy Hansen-Wolff for a discussion on the art of pivoting in a sink-or-swim situation.

Magazine, Books & News Articles

Uncertainty Can Follow Grief

ABC News 

“Many small business owners have no plans for what will happen to their companies when they die – who will own them and who will operate them.

Transcending Loss

Interview with Minnesota Business

“Speaking with Sandy Hansen-Wolff, owner of AgVenture Feed & Seed, is inspirational. She puts her heart into everything she does, whether serving AgVenture customers, providing agribusiness support, animal management and farm supplies, or speaking to an audience about her story. You see, Sandy is no stranger to heartbreak and loss.”

Chasing Perfection by Sue Hoss

Featured in Chasing Perfection, Chpt 5

“As a leader, how do you lead with and follow your intuition – especially amidst “logical” counter-arguments? Emphasis on quieting your limiting self-talk and learning to trust yourself.” ~ Sue Hawkes

Why Give?

Minnesota Business Magazine, Dec 2013

Hansen gives both personally and through AgVenture to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps families who have come across tragedy, much as she did. She also uses her personal story to get the message of giving out to others. ‘In the last 10 years, I’ve done a lot of speeches on this,’ she says. ‘When we are given enough, I think it is our responsibility to help those less fortunate.’”

Upsize Growth Challenge

Upsize Magazine, November 2012

Hansen sounds like a CEO transformed. The mojo has changed from let’s get through this, to let’s rock and roll with this great thing we’ve created.”

Enterprising Woman of 2010

Enterprising Woman Magazine, 2010

“Enterprising Women Magazine announces its Class of 2010: The Top Women Business Owners in North America. Sandy Hansen of AgVenture Feed & Seed Inc. received national recognition as one of the Enterprising Woman of the Year for 2010.”

From Rock Bottom to Booming Business

Dairy Star, December 14, 2009

Sandy Hansen knows what it feels like to be at rock bottom; she’s been there. But with a little determination, lessons learned the hard way and a good team of supporters, Sandy and her business have made it back on solid ground.”

For This Woman, Life Isn’t Business As Usual

St. Cloud Times, January 27, 2008

“She uses her mornings to think about the day ahead, reflect on life, and thank God for all she has, despite all she has lost.”

Inc. Magazine

Featured Article: Planting a New Way Forward

“A few days after her husband’s funeral, Randy’s widow, Sandy Hansen-Wolff, 45, discovered that the Minnesota-based agriculture company was insolvent. AgVenture provided animal feed and crop seeds for farms. Hansen-Wolff sold insurance. She was in debt and out of her depth, having inherited a failing business in a male-dominated industry in which she had no experience.”

Sandy Hansen-Wolff: Finalist in Business Award

Tri-County News, 2015

“On an individual level, Sandy mentors many business owners who come to her for advice and confidential problem-solving and brainstorming.  She feels that many have helped her get to where she is today and that it is her turn to give her time, talents and financial support in every way that she can.”

Suddenly You’re the Boss

MORE Magazine 

“Some huge miracles have happened because I had to take over the business,” says Hansen. “That I had the tenacity to get through this is a miracle in itself.”

AgVenture Owner Awarded for Leadership

St. Cloud Times, March 2015

Sandy Hansen-Wolff, owner of AgVenture Feed and Seed Inc. in Watkins, was selected as a finalist for the Good Leader Award in Community Impact, given annually to a Minnesota business leader who is making a positive impact through service, character and leadership by fostering an environment of corporate giving.

Women Watch

Central Minnesota Women Magazine, April/May 2013

Sandy supports many causes in her community, some of which are related to agriculture… She does this in honor of her customers.”

Control Freak No More

Wall Street Journal, 2010

Sandy Hansen, owner of AgVenture Feed & Seed Inc. in Watkins, Minn., understands those dangers all too well. She was thrust into entrepreneurship in 2003 when her husband, the feed-supply company’s original owner, died of leukemia.”

Strong Motivation

Minnesota Business Magazine, January 2010

“For the motivational speaking, I don’t see it as a separate company, it really is done in conjunction with the feed business, because many of the topics come from what I’ve learned as a leader and business owner. I think both are growing in very positive directions.”

It’s Time To Commit to a Healthful Life

By Sandy Hansen-Wolff
St. Cloud Times, December 29, 2008

“The upcoming year-end is a time when many of us reflect on accomplishments of the past year. It is also a time when we look forward to a new year and vow to make resolutions to improve our lives.”

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